If you pick up a “scholarly” commentary on Genesis — or on any book of the Pentateuch — you will encounter some incomprehensible nonsense about fictional characters referred to as “J,” “E,” “P,” and “D.” (Dr. D does not appear in Genesis, as he is the mythical “editor” of Deuteronomy.) You might ask yourself who [Read more....]


 To be honest, I must admit that naming names and pointing out friends or former friends who have fallen . . . into heretical teaching gives me no pleasure. But they do not attempt to be anonymous. They have produced books, videos, and talks innumerable to advance their version of “biblical” Christianity on the rest [Read more....]


Moses did. That’s the short answer, anyway, and blogs ought to be reasonably short and to the point. But let’s delve just a bit into the so-called “controversy” surrounding the question of who wrote the Pentateuch. Many of today’s theologians deny that Moses wrote Genesis, subscribing instead to a man-made theory which began to flourish [Read more....]

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