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I’m a free-lance writer, editor, and book designer living in New England. Most of my writing is what’s commonly called “ghost writing,” which means that I produce books and other people put their names on the covers. For this reason, searching my name on Amazon won’t reveal very many of my titles, although you might discover my logo on the copyrights page. Most of my work is done for Christian and academic book publishers, although I also edit or write the occasional book for private individuals — usually connected by word of mouth. You can see a few of my titles on my “Selected Titles” page.

This blog is an eclectic mix of daily musings, covering topics that range from thoughtful reading of the Bible to practical instruction on how to take better photos (I also used to be a professional photographer in another life) to venting my spleen on whatever is annoying me at the moment. I even delve into the mechanics of being a better writer — which is something that I struggle with every day.


Trying to be nice in public. . .

. . . the true curmudgeon at home.




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  1. Thanks for coming to CBC on Wed. evening. Enjoyed the study very much. Would you send the Powerpoint to me when you can? Thanks Your Brother in Christ Paul Forcucci

  2. Hi Greg,

    Enjoying browsing your blog. We share an appreciation for W.E. Vine’s works. I use his expository dictionary at least weekly.

    We haven’t met, but I am praying for you and the new bible study you are starting there in Rhode Island. May the word run swiftly and be glorified.

    Thanks for demonstrating the love of the Savior.

    Your brother,

    David Wilson

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