I am a lover of fountain pens, and recently encountered this new one in a catalog from a pen supplier.

Fahrney’s is thrilled to present the Montegrappa Sylvester Stallone Chaos Limited Edition Fountain Pen, inspired and designed by filmmaker, writer, and actor Sylvester Stallone. The Chaos collection truly stands apart amongst other fine pens.

Mr. Stallone drew inspiration for the theme of his signature pen from his recent film, The Expendables. He worked with Montegrappa’s artisans to create his idea of Chaos; a sense of the Renaissance, when life was simplified and perhaps more noble, placed against today’s technological society.

The body of the Chaos is made of black pearlized celluloid with an intricate and mesmerizing overlay in solid sterling silver. The antiqued, hand-finished overlay features accents in red and yellow translucent enamel symbolizing fire. The design is characterized by the juxtaposition of life and death; reptiles represent the early forms of life on Earth, the central skull signifies death. The ultimate defining detail, bearing both a fist and a skull, is the pen’s clip in the form of a sword. This is the first in the Montegrappa Cult collection.

I posted recently on the fact that modern commentators try incessantly to insert the concept of “chaos” into the Genesis account of creation, and this new pen beautifully embodies what chaos really is: a tool of Death, of the evil one.

Notice the motifs that are used in this pen: a skull of death; a sword of war; lizards of evolution. Bear in mind that this is the work of men who have no interest in explicating the Scriptures, no hidden agenda concerning chaos, death, and evolution — these things are the self-evident aspects of such Gnostic teachings, and only a theologian with a hidden agenda could pretend otherwise.

“Calm down, Benoit!” you’re thinking. “It’s just a pen!” But it isn’t the pen that gets me spun up, nor the ignorance of the world concerning chaos and death. It’s the fact that theologians who are leading the church today are attempting to insert the concept of chaos into God’s creation account in Genesis – that’s what gets me fighting mad.


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