In view of the current political turmoil concerning the upcoming election, this old journal entry seems pertinent.

I’m always amused at the hypocritical modern enlightened American who wants his political leaders to be fiscally conservative and morally liberal. Such a man cannot exist.

It is actually a double mind, an attempt to adhere to two mutually exclusive beliefs simultaneously. Such people expect to find a politician who has strong self-control, denying his own temptations and desires because he believes that they will prove destructive to self and others — but who simultaneously admires, encourages, and fiercely protects those hedonists who wantonly indulge their every fantasy.

The hedonist will never be fiscally conservative — not with your money, anyway, and it is your money that the politician spends. The hedonist will gleefully spend it satisfying his political whims and temptations, all the while mocking and despising the silly fools who entrusted him with their money. Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank provide two prime examples from Massachusetts alone.

The fiscal conservative, on the other hand, is the man who has learned to be frugal and responsible with other people’s money. It is naive at best to think that a man will become trustworthy with other men’s money while simultaneously spending his own wantonly in the promiscuous satisfaction of his every craving. No, a man who is responsible with your money will first have been responsible with his own. To become responsible with money, a man must learn to reign in and deny his own appetites. These are simple and obvious facts of life, and the one who pretends otherwise has voluntarily blinded himself.

The hidden truth in the matter is that the typical American liberal — the prosperous ones who have grown rich on the very capitalism which they cursed in their hippy youths — such a man wants to continue in the self-indulgence which has characterized his entire life from youth with the easy assurance that someone else is looking after his money.

These ex-hippies, the ones who vilified and demonized wealthy capitalists, have learned that they can buy people, purchase them to perform the odious menialities of life which the unwashed hippies never learned to perform for themselves, freeing themselves to continue in whatever orgies presently bring satisfaction.

In short, these vile “hippie-crits” (as I used to call them in my own youth) demand that someone — a political lackey whom they have purchased with their votes and money — will protect and defend their self-indulgences while also being trustworthy with their money: a social liberal who is also fiscally conservative.

Such a man does not exist, and the politician who is pretending to be one is a liar.

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