Modern Christians tend to view the whole evolution controversy as of secondary importance, at best. After all, what difference does it really make whether man evolved or was created in six days? We can’t hope to prove the truth one way or the other, so let’s all just get along and have some cookies. What we tend to forget, however, is that whoever or whatever created mankind is mankind’s god, by default. We are answerable to our creator, just as a machine is answerable to the man who designed it. If the machine isn’t working right, the designer steps in and fixes it. The machine has no say in the matter.

Man’s creator makes the rules, and mankind is subject to his laws. Man has no say in the matter. If we evolved from the lower species, we did so in order to survive. We had no choice in the matter, if that premise is true. It was evolve or die, plain and simple. Death was the motivating force which drove mankind up from the ooze, and we are, therefore, subject to the “laws of evolution.”

Darwinists even use that phrase, “laws of evolution.” What they don’t seem to recognize, however, is that one must have a law-giver if one is to have a law. Who wrote the laws of evolution, the law of “survival of the fittest?” Death wrote that law, according to Darwin. Death, therefore, is the god to whom all mankind is subject, the one whose law mankind must obey, according to evolution: the law of “evolve or die.”

Paradoxically, if mankind evolved he also is subject to his own laws. If there was no creative agent beyond death that produced us, then we also have ourselves to thank for our high level of evolution. Once mankind has submitted himself to the laws of death, he is free to go about worshipping himself.

We see both aspects of this false religion in the west today. We see the culture of death rising paramount in America, with abortion rights, euthanasia, death with dignity, assisted suicide, and so forth. We also have become a culture of self-love and self-esteem, the liturgy of the church of self.

Darwinism is the religion of death, and modern science, anthropology, philosophy, and so forth are its high priests. Darwinists see death as the one fixed constant in the universe, the one thing that has not changed over the course of millions of years. Death itself is outside of evolution, because it is the pre-existent force which defines evolution. Death is evolution’s god, immutable and omnipotent. It is heretical, therefore, to attempt to intermingle this false religion — even parts of this false religion — into the Scriptures.

Portions of this post have been taken from Pharaoh’s Magicians: Evolution, the Bible, and Modern Gnosticism by Gregory C. Benoit, Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2011.


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