I captured this image on Nantucket some years ago. The title “Beach House” comes from the nameplate on the door, underneath the cool lion’s head knocker — which you can see clearly in a full-sized print but not on this little thumbnail. Evidently, the owner’s name was Beach, but the structure itself is more grand than any typical New England beach house.

What caught my interest was the symmetry of all the features (except the shadows in the steps on the right), coupled with the dramatic contrasts of white and black.  I’m disappointed to find that those blacks do not transmit well on my computer screen — they’re much richer in an actual print. The contrast range on computer is far more narrow than what is possible in the old silver halide printing papers.

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  1. Hey, I has that picture! :)

  2. Oops…. it’s an eagle door knocker, not a lion’s head. Gotta get the bifocals adjusted.

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