If you’re a regular reader of my other blog, Pharaoh’s Magicians, you might be surprised at finding yourself here. That’s because Pharaoh has moved to this site; it’s no longer available at the former web address. I will continue to post about Gnosticism, evolution, and so forth on this site — but we’ll be doing [Read more....]


You can win one, too! Just click on the “contest” button above. In the email, please write “contest” in both the subject line and the body. I will be giving away a free copy of Pharaoh’s Magicians each month for the next few months — the winners won’t even pay postage! Congratulations to those who [Read more....]


If you are familiar with my other blog, Pharaoh’s Magicians, you will find this one to be a bit different. I will continue to post on the topics of Gnosticism, evolution, and the Bible here — but I will not be limited to those topics. This will present a much more eclectic mix of topics [Read more....]

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