How to Photograph Small Subjects, Part 1

Part 1: The Camera This is the first in an occasional series on how to photograph small subject matter, such as hand-made crafts. Many of the principles, however, will be applicable to all types of photography. Photographing small objects may seem daunting at first, but once you understand a few basics of digital photography, it [Read more....]

Ocean House, Watch Hill, RI

I shot this image years ago on the porch of the Ocean House, a huge Victorian hotel in Watch Hill, RI. That particular Ocean House is gone now, torn down to the ground — and then completely rebuilt as though it had never disappeared! The new owner managed to reconstruct everything that had been there [Read more....]

Beach House

I captured this image on Nantucket some years ago. The title “Beach House” comes from the nameplate on the door, underneath the cool lion’s head knocker — which you can see clearly in a full-sized print but not on this little thumbnail. Evidently, the owner’s name was Beach, but the structure itself is more grand [Read more....]

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